This is a very easy tutorial, but it is not for BEGINNERS. I have assumed that you already know the basics of Paint Shop Pro.

To complete this tutorial you will need:
Paint Shop Pro
Simple Filters
SuperBladePro (BladePro will work, too)
VM Filters (UNZIP into your PLUGINS folder)
gold_shiny Preset (unzip into your Environments and Textures folder)

First, we need to make our Criss Cross.
Open a new image, 4 X 100.
Flood-fill the image with any color you like.
Copy the image.
Open a new image, 100 X 100.
Paste as a new layer.
Duplicate layer.
Rotate - left - 90 - all layers UNCHECKED.
Selections - Select All.
Selections - Modify - Contract 2.
Selections - Invert.
Flood-fill the selection.
Layers - Merge - Merge Visible.
Selections - Select All.
Using the Magic Wand tool, click anywhere on the flood-filled part of the image.
Flood-fill the selection with white.
Apply SuperBladePro - gold_shiny,
but change the Radius to 2 and the Height to -32.
Apply Simple - Diamonds.

Save this image, so that if you want to frame another picture, you won't have to do this part again. You can also use this image for backgrounds, and other projects.
Open an image that you want to frame. Duplicate it (Shift-D), and close the original image.

I'm using this little picture. You may use it too, if you like.
Click on the Selection Tool. Set the Tool Options to
Elipse - Feather 0 - Antialias CHECKED.

Starting at the center of your image, select an elipse. This is the area the frame will not cover. Be sure to leave some space between your elipse and the edges.

Save the selection to an Alpha Channel.
Selections - Invert.

Apply VM Natural - Splash,
Center X 128, Center Y 128, Frequency 19, Ray Length 1 - 43. Ray Length 2 - 68.
(you can play with the Ray Length settings to get the look you want)
Effects - Geometric Effects - CurlyQs 10, 10, 100, 20.
Apply Simple - Pizza Slice Mirror.
Add a layer.

Flood-fill with white.

Lower the opacity on the new layer to 50.

Layers - Merge - Merge all (flatten).
Add a new layer.

Flood-fill the new layer with the Criss Cross image that we made earlier.
Selections - Load from Alpha Channel.

Selections - Modify - Expand 2.

Flood-fill with white.
Apply SuperBladePro - gold_shiny,
but change the radius to 3, and the height to -32.
Selections - Modify - Contract 6.


Selections - Select All.

Selections - Modify - Contract 6.

Selections - Invert.

Flood-fill with white.
Apply SuperBladePro - gold_shiny - same settings as before.


Effects - 3D Effects - Drop Shadow 2, 2, 52, 8.

Layers - Merge - Merge All (flatten).
Decorate your frame with doodads, if you like.

I have provided some doodads, in the zip file, for you to use, or, you can use some of your own.

OK, that's it. You're finished.

If you have any questions or problems with this tutorial, feel free to E-MAIL ME.