This background was invented by my e-pal Karen. She has kindly given me permission to create this tutorial to explain how to make it.

This is a very easy tutorial, but it is not for BEGINNERS. I have assumed that you already know the basics of Paint Shop Pro.

To complete this tutorial you will need:
Paint Shop Pro
Simple Filters
The Gradient

Click on the gradient link, and save it to your gradients folder

Open a new image, 200 X 200
Flood-fill the image with our gradient, using these settings

In order to get the background to look "tufted", we need to rotate our image. Rotate the image Right, 45, all layers checked
It should look like this ===>

OK, now this step is the only kind of tedious part of the tut
We need to make it square again, so select a square, from 70,70 to 210,210
Then, click IMAGE - Crop to Selection

If you want a larger square, start with a 300 X 300 image, and then crop to 106,106 to 318,318

Add a new layer, and flood-fill it with white
Apply an Eye Candy swirl.
I used Eye Candy 3, with these settings ==>
You could also use Eye Candy 4000, and feel free to go crazy with the settings, if you like

Now your image should look something like this
If you want to lighten your image, lower the opacity of the top layer to around 40.

If you want to keep it dark, change the blend mode on the top layer to MULTIPLY

I used MULTIPLY, and the image now looks like this ===>

Merge all layers (flatten)
Now, all that's left to do is to make it seamless

Apply Simple - Quick Tile

(Or, you could make it seamless with 20/20, if you prefer)

OK, that's it. You're finished.

Have fun trying it with different gradients and different swirls and other effects

If you have any questions or problems with this tutorial, feel free to E-MAIL ME.