This is the first tutorial that I have ever written. I hope I did it right ... LOL.
It's a simple technique, but I have been having such fun with it, that I wanted
to share it with y'all.
This is a very easy tutorial, but it is not for BEGINNERS. I have assumed that you already know the basics of Paint Shop Pro.

All you need to complete this tutorial, is Paint Shop Pro.

Let's get started...
Here is a little picture of a cat. You need to right click on it, and SAVE PICTURE AS.
Now, open the little picture of a cat, in PSP. Use the Magic Wand tool, and click in the black part of the cat's head. Hold down the shift key, and click in the black part of the cat's body. You should now have all of the black selected. CTRL-C to copy the cat into your clipboard.
Open a new image 400 X 400, BLUE, 16 million colors. It doesn't have to be BLUE, but you should pick a color that black will show up on, and it can't be the color you want your glow to be. I chose BLUE.

Add a new RASTER layer.

PASTE AS NEW SELECTION, and position your cat somewhere toward the middle of the image.
Here is the really important part. Click SELECTIONS / SAVE TO ALPHA CHANNEL.
Then, click SELECTIONS / MODIFY / EXPAND. I expanded by 3. You can expand more, if you like, it just depends on how big you want your "glow". Let's use 3, for now.
Flood-fill the selection with the color that you want to "glow". I'm using white.
CTRL-D to de-select.
Now we make it glow. Click EFFECTS / BLUR / GAUSIAN BLUR / 12. You can blur it more, or less, to your taste. I used 12.
Click SELECTIONS / LOAD FROM ALPHA CHANNEL and load the cat selection that you saved earlier.

Cool, huh?

If your edges are jaggy, you can smooth them out a bit with the smudge tool, set to soften.
Make your background layer active, and flood-fill it with a background that you like.

If you like my background, just right-click anywhere on this page, and SAVE BACKGROUND AS.
Use it as you like. It's a little present from me to you.
Technically, you're finished now. But, let's play some more.
Make your cat-glow layer active, duplicate it, move it away from the original cat-glow, and use the color replacer to make it yellow.
Duplicate it again, move it again, and make it orange.
Here are a couple more simple little shapes for you to play with.
Here are a couple more examples of how I used this technique.
Thank you for braving my first tutorial. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions, or, if you have any suggestions for improving this tutorial. There is an e-mail me link on my home page.