This is a very easy tutorial, but it is not for BEGINNERS. I have assumed that you already know the basics of Paint Shop Pro.

To complete this tutorial you will need:
Paint Shop Pro
Simple Filters
Flaming Pear Ornament Filter
Two Moon Cut Glass Filter

Open an image that you want to make your background from. It can be a seamless tile, a selection from a picture, a gradient, a pattern, or whatever you like.
I used this little seamless tile, that I selected from a larger picture.
You may use it too, if you like, or choose something of your own.
I think that these tiles are prettier, if you use a square image, but it will work, either way.

Apply Effects - Plugin Filters - Two Moons - Cut Glass.

You may use the settings that I used (pictured below), or adjust them to your liking.

Note: There are Cut Glass filters in several of the filter groups. Any of them will do just fine.

Effects - Plugin Filters - Flaming Pear - Ornament
Effects -
Plugin Filters -
FM Tile Tools -
Seamless Tile

Make sure the VERTICAL box is checked

Effects - Plugin Filters - Simple - Diamonds

OK, that's it. You're finished.

If you have any questions or problems with this tutorial, feel free to E-MAIL ME.