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Download Desktop Theme --- 1.7MB PURPLE SPRING
A theme for Spring.
Music by Antonio Vivaldi.

Download Screensaver --- 1.4MB
Desktop Theme 1.7MB Screensaver 1.4MB

Download Desktop Theme --- 1.9MB LEMONADE
A theme for Summer.
Photographs by Art Gore.
Music by Aaron Copland

Download Screensaver --- 2.2KB
Desktop Theme 1.9MB Screensaver 2.3MB

Download Desktop Theme --- 2.9MB AUTUMN SHADES
A theme for Autumn.
Photographs by Robert Desmond. Music by Sergey Rakhmaninov.

Download Screensaver --- 955KB
Desktop Theme 2.9MB Screensaver 955KB

Download Desktop Theme --- 3MB SNOWY OAKS
A theme for Winter.
Photographs and graphics
by Andri Murrock.
Music by C. W. Gluck.

Click to visit the showcase

Click to visit the showcase
Download Screensaver --- 1.2MB
Desktop Theme 3MB Screensaver 1.2MB